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Call Centre Solutions

SA’s most innovative Omni-Channel Solution designed and built for the SA Contact Centre Industry.

"Deliver seamless customer experiences across voice, chat, email, SMS, WhatsApp and social media"

Meet Your Customers Where They Are....

Phone, Chat, Email, Messages and Social Media.

Meet the ever-growing demand for instant answers with our seamlessly connected, multi-channel contact centre platform. Connecting you with your customers like never before.

Omni Contact Centre Solutions

Seamless Integrations

Intelligent Agent Routing

Increased Productivity

OmnI Contact Centre Solutions
Omni Contact Centre Technology
Omni Contact Centre Technology

Access the most up-to-date customer information by integrating with your existing systems.

Connect customers to agents they’ve spoken with previously or match to agents based on their skills.

Set SLAs and the desired number of agent interactions to deal with the optimal number of customer queries.

Have Meaningful Conversations With Advanced Outbound Dialling.

Omni Contact Centre Technology

Predictive, Progressive & Preview Dialling.


Our trio of quick-dialling capabilities combined with our undroppable algorithm and answer machine detection are the foundations for successful campaigns.

Contact Prioritisation

Bespoke Scripting

Un-Droppable Algorithm

Puts those all-important calls at the top of your list for increased campaign success rates.

Personalised, real-time updated scripts, with the ability to display different scripts for different customers all in the same interface.

Hit your targets, remain compliant and provide a positive customer experience with T|Forge's un-droppable algorithm.

Always Ready To Serve......

Drag & Drop IVR Solutions.

Be better equipped for large call volumes and resolve simple queries without needing an agent using IVR technology, easily set up with our drag and drop functionality

Omni Contact Centre Solutions
Omni Contact Centre Solutions
Omni Contact Centre Solutions
Omni Contact Centre Technology
Omni Contact Centre Technology
Omni Contact Centre Technology

Virtual Queue

Drag & Drop Scripting

Skill-Based Routing

Resolve queries quickly by routing customers to the best agent based on skills matched with the customer’s needs.

Avoid customer frustration during busy periods by providing them with a queue position and calling them back when they reach the front.

Create and edit scripts easily with our drag and drop editor.

More Omichannel Features

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