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- Cloud dialling with unlimited voice calls at super low     fixed cost per agent.

- No long-term commitments.

- Crazy redundant with carrier-grade voice.

- Powerful predictive dialling.

- Let’s integrate to your CRM to increase productivity.

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Increase agent productivity; instead of working on disparate and non-integrated systems, we will integrate with your CRM.


Allow your agents to stay in your CRM with TForge Contact Centre Cloud that integrates seamlessly with it your CRM/Service Software to feed all the necessary information directly to where it needs to go.​

Easy API integration with your CRM interface.

Increase agent productivity with call agents working with one interface, one system, one solution instead of jumping around from application to application.

Transforms your browser into a full-featured agent desktop with a phone. 

With TForge WebRTC, you can embed communications into web-based enterprise tools such as your CRM and build a completely customer-oriented experience

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TFORGE Call Centre Cloud, the all-inclusive contact centre solution in the cloud. No need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware or software.


Easily add functionality and scale service up or down as you need it. Support multiple contact centres, including at-home agents.

As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you have a fully functioning contact centre with integrated AMD (Answering Machine Detection), IVR, Progressive Dialer, Redundant Call Recordings, comprehensive business analytics and much more.


Built on geo-redundant cloud infrastructure and leveraging off the latest in cloud-computing (Pure Storage Technology) Our free trial lets you experience the full power of Call Centre Cloud with no headaches, no hassles, and no commitments.


With Contact Centres, time is money; making uptime & availability everything to a Contact Centre.


TFORGE uses the latest in Cloud Hyper-converged Technology from Pure Storage to ensure greater than 99.9999% availability – client data is always available, and always protected, with no performance loss, even with active controller upgrades, capacity upgrades, and even complete chassis upgrades. 

When it comes to Voice Quality & Redundancy; TFORGE has one of the most redundant Voice Networks in South Africa with two Geo-redundant SBCs, each one with its own set of interconnects.

TForge uses the latest in Cloud Hyper-converged Technology from Pure Storage to ensure greater than 99.9999% availability.

TForge provides an HA (High Availability) Data architecture.

TForge has one of the most redundant Voice Networks in South Africa with three Geo-redundant SBCs.

Data at Rest Encryption is always on for TForge and is secured with AES-256 bit keys shared over many SSDs.

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You’re likely being asked to deliver better results with fewer resources. The Contact Centre Cloud Dialer dramatically improves contactability and answered ratios.


The Dialler eliminates dead time between calls; it predicts when agents will be available while having new customers on the phone ready for them – reducing time spent dialling and waiting for no-answers.


You can quickly increase talk time from your agents by up to 300%; in other words, agents enjoy more talk time and less dead time. 

Increase agent productivity by up to 300%.

Significant improvement in contactability and answered ratios bypassing

True-Caller completely .

Up to 50-minutes talk time per hour (TTH) per agent with T|Forge’s productivity tool.

Win up to 1 hour back per day per agent with Automatic Voicemail Detection (AMD) and by eliminating ring time.


First in South Africa with an All-inclusive, Unlimited Voice Calls * Contact-Center-as-a-Service Solution.  


As a proudly South African software company that develops our own products, we can offer the most competitive solution costs and voice rates in South Africa.


Contact Centre Cloud Unlimited: Pay a fixed cost per seat that includes unlimited voice minutes to all South African destinations.

Contact Centre Cloud Plus: Contact Centre Cloud with or without the Progressive Dialler. 


Voice rates are based on call volumes and are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry.

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