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Contact Centre Solutions South Africa


We make your office-bound or work-from-home

contact centres more productive.

Contact Centre Solutions South Africa

Let Data Take Your Contact Centre to
Higher Grounds.

TForge is a leading performance-enhancing contact centre technology provider, serving almost 400 contact centre clients with a total of over 35,000 agents.

Our Executive Management Team is comprised of industry experts who have owned and managed large contact centres, giving us a unique perspective in addressing the actual challenges faced by our clients.

Relentless innovation is then at the heart of our team to solve these ever-increasing performance challenges.

Our flagship product, OmniSense, is supported by various other advanced products and services that boost productivity, drive strategic outcomes, improve customer experience, and empower agents.

Contact Centre Solutions South Africa
Contact Centre Solutions South Africa
Contact Centre Solutions South Africa
Contact Centre Solutions South Africa
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